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ALDEBARAN: Natural Snow Buildings

I’ve been a little busy over the last few years, and I’ve lost track of a lot of things. Today I uncovered, at the bottom of a pile of stuff I clearly just collected and put into a corner and forgot about, some of my Natural Snow Buildings CDs. Which, thank god, I’d remembered to wrap before I stored them.

It appears that Natural Snow Buildings haven’t released anything since 2016. And that last piece was, for no good reason, a free digital download! Free! I can’t tell you how much I’ve loved this band, and the side projects Isengrind and TwinSistetMoon. I hope there is more to come.

In the meantime, here’s a free album. The equivalent of six discs.

(Also: oh my god, the magnificent THE CENTAURI AGENT is a free download too.)

Wherever you are, Medhi and Solange: I still have your CDs, I wish I had more, and I hope, so much, that there will be more. Thanks for everything.

Library 13may19

This is actually just me pulling CDs out of various boxes and piles in the office and trying to get them sorted, but people seem to like the shelf shots. See anything you like?

Library 7may19

I’m also (re-building) my CD library. I have a lot of stuff that’s MP3-only, at this point, which is great and convenient, but storage inevitably fails no matter how many backups I run and variously lose or forget about. This is part of a stack of my favourite German kosmische/experimental musics from the period sadly still called “Krautrock” by most.

Somewhere, my daughter can feel a disturbance in the ether, and is making a note to book a skip when I die.

Library 3may19

See anything you like?

This is me starting to log for myself a thing I’ve found myself doing. Which started when I began to discover that things I wanted to see were not on streaming, or had been taken off streaming, and were getting harder and less reliable to purchase digitally. At which point, I figured that relying on digital services for these things was becoming really pretty stupid.

So I’m rebuilding a physical library. Trying to gather my old DVDs from wherever in the house they got scattered to, and buying new ones. These are just a few recent arrivals and rescues. MY WRONGS, at the bottom, I bought on release from Warp. A few of these are replacing old VHS copies I never previously got around to upgrading, like, obviously, the Quatermass pieces. I only have TURIN HORSE on digital, so this is my backup for that. Ben Rivers put TWO YEARS AT SEA up on YouTube at 360p, but, like I said…

Had to track down ARTEMIS 81 on Ebay. Still bothered by how the BBC somehow didn’t notice there is not actually an apostrophe in the title.

Anyway. This is a thing I do now instead of social media and the internet. It gives me pleasure and it’s making me learn.

WARREN ELLIS LTD Warren Ellis is a writer from Britain.

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