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ALDEBARAN: Natural Snow Buildings

I’ve been a little busy over the last few years, and I’ve lost track of a lot of things. Today I uncovered, at the bottom of a pile of stuff I clearly just collected and put into a corner and forgot about, some of my Natural Snow Buildings CDs. Which, thank god, I’d remembered to wrap before I stored them.

It appears that Natural Snow Buildings haven’t released anything since 2016. And that last piece was, for no good reason, a free digital download! Free! I can’t tell you how much I’ve loved this band, and the side projects Isengrind and TwinSistetMoon. I hope there is more to come.

In the meantime, here’s a free album. The equivalent of six discs.

(Also: oh my god, the magnificent THE CENTAURI AGENT is a free download too.)

Wherever you are, Medhi and Solange: I still have your CDs, I wish I had more, and I hope, so much, that there will be more. Thanks for everything.

PROTO: Holly Herndon

I just bought and listened through PROTO, and, Holly (and your gang) – you made an immense thing, and I love it. It is beautiful, it is challenging, and it is fully summoned from seven minutes into the future.

FLY – Lamb

I was thinking today about my friend Leticia, who died some fourteen years ago. I always associated this song with her, for some reason. So I’m listening to it, right now, and making you listen to it too.

FRONTIER, Holly Herndon

I am really busy today with boring infrastructure stuff like drains and pipes and water where it shouldn’t be, but I had to stop for four and a half minutes to listen to this. I love it.

WARREN ELLIS LTD Warren Ellis is a writer from Britain.

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