WARREN ELLIS LTD Warren Ellis is a writer from Britain.



I Have Finished Writing THE WILD STORM

Locked the final draft of THE WILD STORM 24 about 1230 this morning. Concluding my end of a 528-page graphic novel. I will be kind of shambolic and confused for a couple of days.

More so than usual, yes, thank you, reader.

Nobody wave a pendant, snap their fingers, whisper or even look at me intently. My brain is going to be soft for a while. Send thoughts and prayers to the wonderful artist Jon Davis-Hunt, who now has to make that script make sense.

STATUS: Pretty Much This

Seriously hit the wall on Sunday morning, with half a dozen physical alarm klaxons going off with the STOP DOING THIS NOW sound. It was helpfully pointed out to me that maybe writing 140 pages of tv scripts and several comics and other documents and doing script notes and various other things since early March was probably not smart since I am no longer young. I’m just about ahead of everybody right now, so I’m going to slow down for a couple of days. Techbros need to stop fucking around and bring me my android backup body. Oh you made soylent into a chewable emetic bar that still doesn’t qualify as food in Europe? Cool story by the way i’m dying over here fuckoids

tldr don’t email me about work

WARREN ELLIS LTD Warren Ellis is a writer from Britain.

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