When You’re Furious With Your Own Brain

This amused the handful of writers I share a private Slack channel with. “I love it when Warren’s angry with himself.”

I moved some work around so I could take a couple of days just to think. I didn’t write a Cosmic Ordering list or anything, but I could have used a solid idea for a book, or some solutions on a job that’s fighting me a bit right now, or, you know, I’d like to write a spec screenplay soon, just for the hell of it… any of these things would have been good and useful products of a couple of days just kicking back and listening to music and thinking.

Instead, I have the guts of two new comics series, for which I have no artists, no time and no resources and also the built-in audience for one of them is about eight people.

So I’ve been walking around furious with my own brain for betraying me in such a malicious evil manner. And everyone’s having a good laugh. Go on. Laugh. Fuckers.

Never let your brain out unsupervised. It will always come back covered in mud to spit something entirely unwanted at your feet.

The International Shelf

I was never comfortable with “world music” as a term. But, as previously noted, I will use my modern privilege to hear the sounds from everywhere I can. These are historical artifacts.

Unexplained Sounds

It’s a big planet full of people, and I want to experience as much of its art as I can before I go. People like Unexplained Sounds help a lot with that. You can stream all this, and buy the material in digital or CD, at their Bandcamp page.

I’ve always, since I could afford to buy music regularly, kept a small collection from musics that are not from Britain, from the songs of the Bayaka to Tuvan throat singing.

I’m actually falling way behind with photographing what’s coming in as I (re-) build my library. I mean, I’m sure it’s pretty boring for you, reader, but as it’s only you and I reading, and I pay for the website, you’re kind of shit out of luck there sorry

Brewer’s Gold, for the record.


These, I did order. Cryo Chamber’s got a lot of money from me lately, but their curation of dark ambient/space ambient is excellent. protoU’s latest is here.

And these are going into the CD machine now because today is a big thinking day and I would like to do it in space.

ARACEAE: Resonance Of The Absolute

I don’t remember ordering this. And so I checked my receipts. I didn’t. So I checked the Bandcamp page for this. I still didn’t. So, thank you, Faint Music, for the cassette. (Which has served as a reminder that I need to pick other things up from you.) I will have to see if I can get the single tape deck in the house to work. Or maybe I’ll just go back and buy the CD, because this is some good rainy techno atmospherics for a good rainy day.


Overslept, running late, recording show for four hours today, thanks Phil and Layla for THE WELL HEAD which you can find on Bandcamp gotta go