Ian Hawgood & Stijn Huwels, The Last Ambient Hero

Arrived today!

Starts off very quietly. Its release apparently “marks a long hiatus for the label” Home Normal, which is a shame, but this wonderful piece of analog ambient music is a fine last flag to fly.

and YES i bought a xmas-themed record WHAT OF IT

That’s right, it’s Christmas in Space Hell and The Last Ambient Hero is there to record it while breathing in luminiferous cosmic plasma for your listening pleasure you heartless monsters


One of my personal books of the year. I read it in PDF advance copy form, but I needed a physical copy of this. So do you.


Finally, a proper physical copy of this, enhanced by excellent additional curation. Taking the weekend to think. Will reactivate on Monday.


In which we have to check our inbox to find out what the fuck this is because we cannot read the text or logo.

It was SEPULCHRAL BLESSING by CLAVICVLA, proper cosmic void ambient from someone presumably living under a destroyed temple in Italy.

Lovely doomy packaging, and excellent work music if you’re writing about the burdens of living in a ruthless and uncaring universe. Which, you know, I might go and do now.

Library: Space Mountain Etc

I bought the magisterial DOOMED GALAXIES UNWIND by Space Mountain and the package came with a note saying “I thought you might enjoy these other two CDs too” so THANK YOU Pyramid Blood Recordings! I probably will, because I have previously partaken of your excellent curation. (Also thank you for the postcards and patches.)

(I am lucky and yes I damn well know it)

(Also ULTRON ATREIDES is an excellent name)


This arrived just now and went straight into the CD drive. It is so good. Beautiful, careful, thrilling in its iterations and reinventions of its main theme. Just exquisitely created.

We all see the world differently but never is this more apparent than when something drastic happens to your eyesight. Drawing on my own experience of visual problems, Sight Seeing is a theme and variations depicting different eye conditions by distorting, removing or otherwise changing the melody, harmony and rhythm of the initial theme.

Library: Pagan Oceans / Devenir

Waiting for me when I got home from work. Tsone’s PAGAN OCEANS, on the left, is a three-CD set, which I’m looking forward to loading into the big five-disc CD player and disappearing into on Friday.

Devenir by EUS is a wonderful piece of drone music out of Costa Rica, strongly environmental but with the surging power of, say, Fuck Buttons circa “Olympians.”

Your internet may suck, but mine brings me music from everywhere.


Been an admired of The Wyrding Module since THE WORD MADE FLESH, which is a regular replay out here on the Thames Delta. So when a new record popped up the other day, it was an immediate purchase. I mean, I didn’t need to hear it. I wanted a Wyrding Module piece in my library. And it doesn’t disappoint. A kosmische halloween trance.

Go straight to track 7 and drink it down, if you’re not familiar with the Module.