I discovered this a few months ago, and only just got around to picking it up. It is nine improvised soundscapes with no edits. It is, as you may imagine from the title, like listening to someone paint the sky. There are raw, rumbling textures that are very nearly the sound of the pigment against the tooth of the paper. MORPHING CLOUDS is a good place to be tonight.

Library 6aug19

The other Laraaji record I wanted on physical, the superb collaboration with Blues Control, arrived. It’s worth it for “Freeflow” alone.

The one below is what I’m listening to right now. It’s a space between certain musics and methods. A couple of different generations of ambient styles, traditional and classical musics, early instruments and digital futures. It’s calm and explorational. I want to live inside it for the rest of the day.

The FRKWYS series has been inspirational.

yes i’m a writer who talks about music all the time deal with it

øjeRum / MUUR

My vision is so fucked up today I have no idea if this photo is blurry or not:

The øjeRum, WITHOUT BLOOD THE SUN DARKENS, is an hour-long landscape-soundscape, and it’s helping.

The MUUR, entitled BOD, is also an hour long, and is far more like listening into a weird ritual under a mystery cult temple. One for late nights when I’m trying to think.

Both available through Cyclic Law.

Christina Vantzou

What we have here this morning is the complete works of Christina Vantzou sans the remix collections. All available via her Bandcamp page, where you can also stream them all and decide for yourself that she’s a genius. Oops, guess I just decided that for you. Oh well.

A sample, from NO. 4.


It’s been fully The Week From Hell over here, but this turned up this morning and improved things no end:

It’s a CD and 44-page book, from Aurota Borealis Recordings here in Britain. Link. “A concept compilation based on the invasion of the moon 50 years ago on 20th July 1969.”

Like I wasn’t going to buy a record with Hawthonn and Anji Cheung on it. No brainer. It is, as I expected, towering and rippling with the power of the lunar and numinous. I am delighted, and recommend it to you.