Arrived today, just in time for the big push through the middle of the HEAVEN’S FOREST episode I’m working on. It’s rather stunning and I suspect I’m going to be hunting much of his previous work (Discogs, prepare to take the rest of my year’s earnings)

Gazelle Twin, Clara Engel

I heard the marvellous Gazelle Twin record when it came out, but somehow spaced on buying a copy. Rectified. A good day to revisit it. Clara Engel describes their work as “minimalist holy blues / crepuscular hymns,” and these cold ruminations will fit the day just as well.

Ian Hawgood & Stijn Huwels, The Last Ambient Hero

Arrived today!

Starts off very quietly. Its release apparently “marks a long hiatus for the label” Home Normal, which is a shame, but this wonderful piece of analog ambient music is a fine last flag to fly.

and YES i bought a xmas-themed record WHAT OF IT

That’s right, it’s Christmas in Space Hell and The Last Ambient Hero is there to record it while breathing in luminiferous cosmic plasma for your listening pleasure you heartless monsters


One of my personal books of the year. I read it in PDF advance copy form, but I needed a physical copy of this. So do you.


Finally, a proper physical copy of this, enhanced by excellent additional curation. Taking the weekend to think. Will reactivate on Monday.


In which we have to check our inbox to find out what the fuck this is because we cannot read the text or logo.

It was SEPULCHRAL BLESSING by CLAVICVLA, proper cosmic void ambient from someone presumably living under a destroyed temple in Italy.

Lovely doomy packaging, and excellent work music if you’re writing about the burdens of living in a ruthless and uncaring universe. Which, you know, I might go and do now.