The Last Ambient Hero

Been a big fan since his CASSINI/TRAPPIST-1 last year, discovered his recent THE BIG CHILL was on CD, grabbed it while I could. You can find his output at . It’s all very good. I note now that this photo is not very good. Oh well.

Library 23jul19

I am way behind on logging these for myself and starting to forget things. Very bad.

If you didn’t buy CALIGULA by LINGUA IGNOTA this month then you are doing it wrong.

It’s a hell of an experience. Hope to write a bit more about it soon.

Almost all the Laraaji stuff I immediately thought I needed to own in permanent editions. The collab he did with Blues Control is still in the post.

Love this simple, tasteful packaging.


A Delivery From Black Mara Records

So I ordered a CD bundle from Black Mara Records. If you’re reading this on the Instagram pass-through, you’re going to want to click over to warrenellis . ltd for this. It arrived today. It needed to be documented in full.

That describes them well enough. One of the things I have always loved about the internet is being able to listen to music from everywhere. Anyway, this big package arrived.

This all seems normal, right? Beautiful CDs.

Some large CD packs. This is fine. I have many outside CD cases. They’ll fit right next to the big Phurpa pak.

Some handmade stuff is emerging with the handmade CD sleeves. It occurs to me that this may be a spell.

This is lovely.

It’s a box, yes.

what is happening

The little cake is a candle.

This is a book.

So is this.

Beautifully wrapped in fabric, both of them, as you can see, along with another pendant. I actually wear pendants – my usual wear is a slice of the ayahuasca vine, brought back for me from the Peruvian jungle. Now I have several more to choose from every day, all evidently from several parts of Russia.

If you’re curious, it’s this bundle here, I think. I suspect the individual objects will vary from package to package.

I’d already had a few deliveries this morning that delighted me, but this was something else entirely. Thank you, Black Mara. I am amazed.

Preserved Sound

Today is kind of relentless, but I wanted to make sure I logged this:

Preserved Sound:

Preserved Sound is an independent record label based in Hebden Bridge in the north of England. Our philosophy is simple – to release limited edition, hand-assembled albums by artists we like.

Buying records is about more than just the music – although this matters very much to us too – and Preserved Sound hopes to make products that will be cherished far longer than their digital counterparts.

My kind of operation. Delighted to be able to support them. You can listen to their associated artists on their Bandcamp page.


The Senja Recordings is a collection of various outdoor recordings and studio improvisations recorded on the island of Senja, Arctic Norway, between 2015 and 2018. 

Absolutely gorgeous, especially for the deep-focus work day I have in front of me. You can stream the whole thing here. And buy it. I needed a physical copy of this.

Library 25jun19: Today Is Good

Well, actually, today is terrible and I feel like death, BUT all these fine things showed up. Top left is Nivhek, which is Grouper/Liz Harris. Bottom left is entitled The Rise Of The Spectral Horizons. And thank you for the lovely note, Alison Cotton!


I have long wanted a complete copy of this, and the new reissue just landed here. Of the many films I wanted to meditate on this year, this collection was close to the top of the list.

Sphäre Sechs

Basically that guy who only listens to space ambient and thinks about cosmic horror a lot now