This probably comes as a shock to all the people who still think this space belongs to the fine musician Warren Ellis of Australia.

Took this on my first day at the offsite job where I am consulting on someone else’s project. I have two weeks left to go on the job, working with an old friend and some very good writers who are also lovely human beings.

I will miss it and them when I’m done, but I am also ready for the year to start spinning down a bit. Today I cleared a document for Netflix off the desk, checked in with the offsite job about next week’s schedule, filled and lifted some heavy boxes, and my kid just came home for a visit, so now we’re going out for cocktails.

Inbox 24, listening to Sekunder, eoner by Snufmumriko, and away we go


When you have half a dozen very important things to do today but you really want to work out that one new idea you had late last night


It’s 6 degrees and dropping. I wrote an entire episode of something yesterday and today, after 11 hours sleep, my body regrets it and my mind is starting to wander.


Finally, a proper physical copy of this, enhanced by excellent additional curation. Taking the weekend to think. Will reactivate on Monday.


New FIELD NOTES arrived. Am buried in a HEAVEN’S FOREST script for a few days, then taking a day to think and breathe before I have to get up at the crack of sparrowshit on Monday morning BUT LOOK AT THE PRETTIES


Back at my offsite day job today and tomorrow. All responses will be delayed accordingly while I stare with false sagacity at a whiteboard


House clearing day. Found this in a box. The lack of apostrophe probably offended me.


Freezing fog. Three sets of notes arranged on the big screen while I rewrite a script on the laptop screen. I’m sure that many things are happening out in the world today, but I am generally ignoring them. Hilyard on the CD drive.

Managed to see my old mate (Sir!) Lenny Henry for coffee yesterday afternoon, which was an unexpected and delightful surprise. Even though I nearly killed him by telling him my daughter is 24 now. It should also be noted that Len appears to have largely stopped ageing, and I look 102 years old now.


Took this before I got in the car to the production site – first proper frost of the year.