New Field Notes subscription delivery.

Inbox 21. Building out the story document for unannounced PROJECT KATRA. Listening to by Pool Of Light. Refusing to admit I have a notebook problem.

Last Night’s Light

We get some special effects out here on the Thames Delta. They don’t always capture well on a phone camera, of course, and most of the time I just stand in the garden and watch them. But sometimes you get lucky. And last night’s light was so weird that I had to try.

Inbox is holding at 12 and I am going into this story document to see if I can make it make sense by Friday. Here we go again.

Glow Blog

Passed through London the other night. Took this from my terrace around midnight. Tonight, I am at home, with 49°05’19​,​3″N 22°34’04​,​0’E by Strom Noir / Micromelancolié playing over the top of muted LAST YEAR IN MARIENBAD (UK) (US) on the big screen while I puzzle out the final shape of a short season of television. From time to time I look up at the luminous monochrome, and the luminous words of Robbe-Grillet. My hermit’s cave feels very equipped now, and, with the year’s bigger and more time-hungry commitments over with, I can quietly leave it from time to time and watch all the lights at midnight.


After basically writing and producing two seasons of television in 9 months, I am beginning the process of forcing myself to travel a little more. It’s been pointed out to me that 1) there will come a time when I can’t physically do it any more 2) I’ve basically been indoors working since I got back from book tour at the end of 2016. So I’m starting with an overnight trip to see if my joints still move. Luggage element pictured is from LOT 2046. Status is OFFLINE 24 HOURS.

STATUS 9jul19

Pretty much this, yeah.

Inbox holding at 13 right now. Either I kill this script today or it kills me. Or preferably someone else. Phone conference at 7pm, which is going to break my flow, and I’ve gotten Panic Status Board running on my old iPad in the stand to my left so I can keep half an eye on the time in LA. I have that ambient sense that it’s going to be A Day.

Currently listening to BLOOD TRANSMISSION by Dag Rosenqvist.

I have a copy of GEOMETRY IN THE DUST by Pierre Senges with illustrations by that lovely guy Killoffer (hung out with him in Oslo for a couple of days once, many years ago) sitting on the shelf waiting for me to be done with work.

STATUS 8jul19

I like to buy locally when I can. Little Fin do very good coffee with very good delivery. I also like the story of their name:

Whilst we are based in a Seaside town, the main reason for this name is in fact our son Finley. Finley was just 8 weeks old when we set out on this caffeine fuelled adventure and is part of the reason it all happened. We thought it was only fair to give him a bit of credit in the name.

Today I am bringing an episode of unannounced thing PROJECT TRICORNER in for a landing, writing up a blurb for a comrade that I promised before I put a moratorium on blurb-writing for the year, waiting for LA to wake up, with inbox holding at 16, listening to the exquisite MOOD PAINTINGS by Poppy Nogood, and drinking more coffee.

His English Symphony

Dead Papa Toothwort exhales, relaxes, lolls inside the stile, smiles and drinks it in, his English symphony.

LANNY, Max Porter (UK) (US)

When wakefulness allows, I walk into town for lunch and a glass of wine. My walks always end up by the water. Today, at the top of the cliff next to the funicular rail, looking out over the estuary, my Thames Delta: the biggest sky we have out here, always strewn with cloud and scratched by jet planes. Leaning on the fence and drinking it in. Inbox holding at 17, listening to EYE OF TUNGUSKA, deciding what book to start reading tonight.

Back Again, Thanks To WordPress

Thanks to WordPress Special Projects, which, in their initial email to me, I misread as WordPress Special Circumstances. Which I like better. Christie Wright and Andy Affleck from that team stepped in with rescue gear, migrated the site to Pressable, hit things with hammers, did Science to it and fixed it all up to the point where I can build this thing out to where I always wanted it to be. I can’t thank them enough for what they did.

And now the site is back up, and the shift should propagate over the next day or two, so here’s a photo I took the other day to look at while I take a beat and figure out what to do next. Hi.

STATUS: Stand By

WordPress Special Projects have stepped in to take control of the situation here at Warren Ellis LTD. Back soon.

Usefully, this whole thing has given me time to take stock of how I’ve been using the site since I started.