This just arrived. So did a Xmas card from Joe Hill. One presumes it got stuck in the post on its way from The Outer Worlds.

I just discovered currents fm and suspect it’s a terrible procrastination tool.


Full speed day. Already processed a design deck and added a new whiteboard to the wall. Extremely offline.


Current breakfast shake: one scoop plant protein with BCAA, one pinch cinnamon, quarter-scoop of cacao powder, 250ml water. Alive, taking a thinking day. Email can wait.


I should be working on this script today, and will probably put in a couple of hours on it later, but I woke up with another idea in my head, so I may just switch off and lean back with a notebook in a bit. Inbox 15, but I believe it’s a public holiday in the US today, so the water shouldn’t get much higher.

Although.. while I was sitting outside with coffee, I made a note to self to explore the latter part of Peter Greenaway’s output, having last night unearthed my copy of BEING NAKED PLAYING DEAD, the book about his early and mid-period work (UK) (US), and what do I find, clicking around, but a new Peter Greenaway film.

So possibly I’ll lose more time to clicking around today.


Pushing three o’clock and I still haven’t done much of anything. If I can clear my head for a couple of hours I should be able to lay in the spine of this issue of BATMAN’S GRAVE in front of me, an episode which is currently resisting everything except detail and dialogue.

Listening to the new Gaetir The Mountainkeeper, inbox holding at 11. Sometime this evening I will grab a notebook and start reconfiguring the newsletter.


This was a gift. I’m sure everyone at Shakesphere was very pleased with themselves when they came up with the name for their round-bottomed protein shaker.

Newsletter is written, boards are marked up, emails are scheduled, SLOW DAY by Horizon Diver is getting a listen, I’m about to throw PICTURES OF THE OLD WORLD up on the big screen and get some thinking done.


Let me tell you, reader: it does not taste like I’m thriving.

Inbox 17. 2020 work speed started last night. I keep telling everyone, I need a quiet year, but events will eventuate.

If you’re interested, the appalling green sludge there contains:

  • 250ml water, ish
  • one apple
  • half a stick of celery
  • half a carrot
  • pinch of ginger
  • large pinch broccoli shoots
  • eight green grapes
  • five melon cubes
  • scant handful baby spinach
  • scant handful pea shoots
  • one scoop Thrive multinutrient
  • sadness
  • tears
  • a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp


This arrived just in time for a deep-focus day, thanks Ian! Today I have to lay out the story beats for BATMAN’S GRAVE 7, try to solve a middle act in a treatment I’ve been picking at for a few months, review a CASTLEVANIA episode, and find the counterplot in a story document I started last year. I’m gonna need more coffee.