Back home and feeding the dinosaurs.

I slept something like ten hours last night. Two days of early starts for the run into the wastelands west of London to think out loud in a room for seven or eight hours straight is, it turns out, kind of hard on the brain.

Five more weeks of two-days-a-week doing that, which isn’t exactly breaking rocks for a living – but it turns out that damn I need that ten hour shutdown afterwards.

Inbox: 22, and today I have to write a quote for something, spend some time on show outline PROJECT SMOKEHILL, try to put some more bones and meat into idea-in-development PROJECT URUK, and getting my notes together for the second draft of a HEAVEN’S FOREST script. And, since it’s only 408am in Los Angeles, I imagine the list will start getting added to in a few hours.

Oh shit. I have to do a blurb for an old friend’s book, too. Time to make more coffee and get all this in order.

LOT 2046 Document Holder

I’ve been on the LOT 2046 subscription pack for ages now. It’s always a surprise, which I love, and I’ve been able to watch the service evolve, which has been fascinating, especially as they move into sustainable/recyclable packaging and tilt towards usefulness.

This little thing described as a document holder arrived today, and I opened it when I got home, as I was resolving to switch to the Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack from the larger Maxpedition Attache because I haven’t been needing to use my laptop at the remote site where I’m consulting Mondays and Tuesdays.

Turns out this little thing perfectly fits three Field Notes notebooks. And it’s fabric and rubber, so it’s stiff enough to stop them bending without being an inflexible hard case. It’s ideal for me right now, weirdly, and will continue to be useful for years into the future. It turns out — and they don’t gather enough data on me to know — that it was just what I needed.

Good job, LOT 2046. The Good Death wins again.


Back on site and having a surprising amount of fun. But I am mostly coffee at this point so who really knows


I’m still opening last week’s mail, and this was a genuine pleasure to find. Thanks, Farel!

It is 1014am — back in training to get in the car service at 930am tomorrow – and i am mostly dead hi


Book: randomly found under a pile in my office. Object: given to me last week, “for luck and for wealth.” I am unconvinced.

I’ve got to start putting Sunday’s newsletter together today, but I can feel another December newsletter hiatus coming on. I’m doing what feels like a lot right now, and something’s going to have to give. And the newsletter is “deadline” work that isn’t actually work, actually costs me money rather than earns it, and constitutes a couple of hours that can turn out to be vital for another time-sensitive job.

Inbox: 19, and listening to BREATH OF LIGHT REMAINS by Primitive Motion and Anthony Burr. Back to work.


An antique swinging cudgel thing I was given for Xmas a few years ago. Keeping it in the office near the keyboard seems right and correct.

I am listening to Council Of Nine, with SATANTANGO up on the big screen, which also seems right and correct. Right now, I’m producing some material for the big project I’m consulting on, before I move on into some other things, to clear the weekend to process HEAVEN’S FOREST notes, because I’m back in the car to do the in-person consulting thing again on Monday. I probably should not have any more coffee. But probably will.

Inbox 13, 8 degrees C dropping to 1 C tonight, everything holding steady.


I slept til 1030am, cleared email, put THE WERCKMEISTER HARMONIES up on the big screen, listened to new CDs, bought a couple more, had two cocktails and some kind of chocolate/roasted-hazelnut liqueur at dinner, wrote the solicitation for BATMAN’S GRAVE #6, looked over some of the notes on HEAVEN’S FOREST and put them away until the weekend, and soon I’m going to go to bed and read some more of the manuscript Charlie Stross emailed me the other day, which is very good.

I hope, reader, that your day is pleasant too.

Library: Space Mountain Etc

I bought the magisterial DOOMED GALAXIES UNWIND by Space Mountain and the package came with a note saying “I thought you might enjoy these other two CDs too” so THANK YOU Pyramid Blood Recordings! I probably will, because I have previously partaken of your excellent curation. (Also thank you for the postcards and patches.)

(I am lucky and yes I damn well know it)

(Also ULTRON ATREIDES is an excellent name)


This arrived just now and went straight into the CD drive. It is so good. Beautiful, careful, thrilling in its iterations and reinventions of its main theme. Just exquisitely created.

We all see the world differently but never is this more apparent than when something drastic happens to your eyesight. Drawing on my own experience of visual problems, Sight Seeing is a theme and variations depicting different eye conditions by distorting, removing or otherwise changing the melody, harmony and rhythm of the initial theme.