I’m still mostly offline, today, but I had to stop and share this immense piece from a forthcoming record that is, tragically for me, going to be digital-only. But I’m going to buy it anyway. It’s the sound of an alien ceremony inside a vast cave-like hall that’s floating in space. Lovely.

SIREN, Grove Of Whispers

I still miss John Tocher’s SADAYATANA podcast, but it’s always nice to see him releasing new music under his Grove Of Whispers brand, and this is a good one.

I tend to carry around at least one or two of his pieces on my phone.

THE LEY OF THE LAND, The British Space Group

Ah, I’ve been waiting for this to land.

“…like a late night journey through the British Isles” – DJ Food

He’s not wrong. This is your proper night music, and your proper radiophonic ritual evoking our haunted, lonely. doomed little island.


Reader, I bring you good news from a better world. There’s a new Julianna Barwick record.

I’m damned if I’m buying a cassette tape, to be honest – having grown up with them and their fiddly-shit ways and too many instances of them getting chewed up in machines, I have no love or nostalgia for the medium. So this is an exception for me this year, in that I’m buying it digital-only.

ROTHKO HORIZONS, Cut A Lonely Figure


… a church organ that dreamed it was a synthesiser. Each side of this cassette is a figurative depiction of a sunrise and sunset, rendered in live improvised church organ fired through a forcefield of FX.

This is organ music for astral projection. Ancient drones, wheezes and groans seep out of its hulking physical form in The Old Church, Stoke Newington and becomeā€¦ abstracted. The sound of the seasons solidifying. “Narcissus in metamorphosis.”


Remember that time in the early 80s when Kate Bush, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Cranes collaborated on a Christmas song for a Doctor Who episode where everyone was heartbroken and lost in an infinite snowdrift on a planet that orbited the afterlife? Well, that’s because it never happened, but this is the fugue delusion I sank into on the fourth replay of this wonderful little winter piece by Jodie Lowther, currently available as a free/pay-what-you-want stream/download. Lovely sound to come home to.


I’ve been following the WE GATHERED AT WAKEROBIN HOLLOW project by Mending for a while — I’m holding out for a massive CD set of the whole damn thing at the end. The final chapter releases in December, but they’ve let one track from it out today, and it’s gorgeous:

Go and discover the whole marvellous thing at https://mendingband.bandcamp.com/ .

TREES BEYOND, Trees Beyond

God, I wish there was a CD of this. I found it and bought the digital release last night. A fifty-minute journey through a weird central European forest.

“Hissing Waves,” The Leaf Library

From their forthcoming record THE WORLD IS A BELL, the kind of low-tech drone pop I don’t hear much of any more, with riverine percussion that I find very elegant and charming.

Probably a nice change from what I usually play you, reader.