I’ve been following the WE GATHERED AT WAKEROBIN HOLLOW project by Mending for a while — I’m holding out for a massive CD set of the whole damn thing at the end. The final chapter releases in December, but they’ve let one track from it out today, and it’s gorgeous:

Go and discover the whole marvellous thing at .

TREES BEYOND, Trees Beyond

God, I wish there was a CD of this. I found it and bought the digital release last night. A fifty-minute journey through a weird central European forest.

“Hissing Waves,” The Leaf Library

From their forthcoming record THE WORLD IS A BELL, the kind of low-tech drone pop I don’t hear much of any more, with riverine percussion that I find very elegant and charming.

Probably a nice change from what I usually play you, reader.


I’m not even in my body yet today, so here’s eighteen minutes of deep, resonant, sonically complex drone from Anna Peaker, which to me today is the sound of old England in winter. Beautiful and sonorous.

The piece was developed around recordings exploring registration and extended tones using the church organ at the Old Seacroft Methodist Chapel in Leeds. My aim was to explore the physical effects of the sonority of the instrument and somehow translate that. A heaviness and unease, then eventual lift.

DESIRE, Miss Machine

This is immense. A beautiful stormblown warzone. The song of machines in the desert. I’ve listened to it three times in a row.

Daniel Johnston

This was the first Daniel Johnston song I ever heard, played to me by Marie Javins, who knew him. This was way back in the 90s, you understand. Daniel Johnston, who in many ways was the most perfect pop song writer of our generation, died last night.

And, to prove that point about Johnston as a pop song writer, here’s one of his songs arranged and performed by M Ward.