OUTCROPS, Spaceship

A particular kind of Britain: a guy dragging his synths into a series of small caves in northern England to make electronic music within ancient atmospheres. I mean, if you were born after a certain time, you associate electronic music as central British music, and so placing it within the landscape makes complete sense. For some of us, this is the sound of Britain.


Big fan of Old Tower. I like a bit of dungeon synth, and Old Tower is very good at the haunted atmospheres.

EAU: Mariska Baars / Rutger Zuydervelt

This is great. From the Bandcamp notes:

… gently rocking waves of sound, or like a babbling sonic stream of fractured audio debris. It also sounds a bit like the equivalent of sunlight dancing on the ripples of a lake’s surface. 

‘eau’ is not really a song, or a composition. Well, technically it is, but it functions more like an atmosphere that fills the space. Just let it play (on repeat…) and let the sounds hang in the room…

This was one I needed to own in a physical edition. Maybe you do too.

ARACEAE: Resonance Of The Absolute

I don’t remember ordering this. And so I checked my receipts. I didn’t. So I checked the Bandcamp page for this. I still didn’t. So, thank you, Faint Music, for the cassette. (Which has served as a reminder that I need to pick other things up from you.) I will have to see if I can get the single tape deck in the house to work. Or maybe I’ll just go back and buy the CD, because this is some good rainy techno atmospherics for a good rainy day.

Metatron Omega

Like I wasn’t going to listen to a musician called Metatron Omega. Come on.

It’s like the sound you imagine choirs in the ancient cosmic temples of Philippe Druillet’s LONE SLOANE comics would make. The album descriptions that Metatron, a musician from Serbia, writes, are insane:

Under the ever-watching Eye of the distant, yet omnipresent cosmic force, Man has been growing and constructing his own symbols of himself and of the Ages. The great Mover is slowly pushing the grand mechanism of time and space, altogether with the boundaries of Universe, toward a greater step of knowing. 

And look: a tri fold nature of Man has been exposed and put under a trial. His body, his mind and his spirit had come under the shining ray of Revelation, where there are no secrets. Within the boundless, deep, architecture of cosmic monastery of the Universe, one seeks his destiny and perceives the journey he is upon, with his eyes transfixed by the boundless silhouette of the great Kosmokrator, reigning supreme at the Throne of Life. The gates are open, and the priests of Evangelikon have begun their mass. 

I can appreciate this kind of commitment to the bit.

The most recent, EVANGELIKON, is here at Cryo Chamber’s Bandcamp page.