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Winter Is Over

We rarely have more than an couple of weeks of spring, and even that’s debatable. But I think we can declare that winter is over on the Thames Delta.

The Godspeed! Continuum

A thing I would very much like to read or see is an article or map that plots out all the bands that formed around Godspeed! You Black Emperor. Like a Canadian Post-Rock Continuum. Silver Mt Zion, Set Fire To Flames, Do Say Make Think, all of those. I imagined they were all connected, however tenuously or tightly. Somebody make that for me. Thanks.

This note brought to you by uncovering a very dusty pile in the office containing about a third of the CDs I bought during early/peak post-rock.


This film apparently came out a couple of days ago. This clip is amazing. It appears to be a scene where Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst’s SPAWN AI goes full nihilist speculative-realism. Of additional interest — and it does explain some of these scene’s lines – it appears to be based on “a science fiction poem written by Swedish Nobel laureate Harry Martinson in 1956.” I would like to watch this film, I think.

The Bit At The End Is Never As Fun, Somehow

Finishing a large project this week. And I’m at the bit at the end when I have to make sure all the pieces of the story are connected properly, everything is moving smoothly down a logical train, all the parts are spinning freely and all the arms and wheels are operating at the correct speeds to meet together and interlock cleanly at the end. And it’s the least interesting and most fraught part of any project. Writing the end end, when you have the final lines and scene, yes, that can be fun. Or maybe just satisfying. But all the other things? It’s like building a bridge by precisely throwing pieces of it at a gorge across several different points in time and hoping to hell you got every moment and trajectory right and it assembles itself just as the first car rolls on to it.

ALDEBARAN: Natural Snow Buildings

I’ve been a little busy over the last few years, and I’ve lost track of a lot of things. Today I uncovered, at the bottom of a pile of stuff I clearly just collected and put into a corner and forgot about, some of my Natural Snow Buildings CDs. Which, thank god, I’d remembered to wrap before I stored them.

It appears that Natural Snow Buildings haven’t released anything since 2016. And that last piece was, for no good reason, a free digital download! Free! I can’t tell you how much I’ve loved this band, and the side projects Isengrind and TwinSistetMoon. I hope there is more to come.

In the meantime, here’s a free album. The equivalent of six discs.

(Also: oh my god, the magnificent THE CENTAURI AGENT is a free download too.)

Wherever you are, Medhi and Solange: I still have your CDs, I wish I had more, and I hope, so much, that there will be more. Thanks for everything.

WARREN ELLIS LTD Warren Ellis is a writer from Britain.

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