A Grammar Of American Surnames

I just found this 1898 volume on archive.org and I simply have to present this as a taster:

Shreckenghost, Thunderberg, Silverthrone, Lookingslant, 
Jollymood, Thickenmirth, Muttonjoy, Fingerhot, Oxenhorn, - 
Slanderhouse, Laughinghouse, Servinghouse, Warminghouse, 
Bobbinhouse, Boninghouse, Boltinghouse, - Honeychurch, 
Honeycamp, Eaglecamp, Bloomingcamp, Carpetdale, Middle- 
ditch Timberlake, Goldenarm, Goldenbow, Bitterwolf, Cud- 
dleback, Chatterbuck, Skittleharp, Danglemire, Stufflebeam, 
Battlegore, Bottomfield, Bottomstone, Homerkick, Tinkle- 
paugh, Lookingbill, Gollyhorn, Weathergreen, Scattergood, 
Conquergood, Dollarhide, Middlestink, Wagonback, Wagon- 
blast, Pennycook, - Overcash, Oversault, Overland, Overend, 
Overpeck, Underland, Underdo wn, Rowdy bust, Diddlebock, 
Kettlestrings, Bickelhump, Widowgas, Silversides, Chicken- 
bard, Cattlehock, Weatherhead, Weatherwax, Sodagreen, 
Alsobrook, Pittlecow, Singlebush, Basketfield, Doverspike, 
Riverhawk, Wanderwall, Appleboy, Applerot, Hollowbush, 
Silverbrand, Moneyhand, Shiversteel, Meadowcroft, Dicken- 
sheets, Mumblehead, Wagonfound, Brokenstick, Cobbledick, 
Bullerdick, Crackerbone, Goodieshanks, Clutterbuck, Melon- 
coat (skin or rind).

The Endless Loop Of The Manfred Macx Media Diet

In 2012 I wrote this piece about the use of the internet by a character in Charles Stross’ excellent 2000-ish novel ACCELERANDO.

Ahmet Sabancı revisited the entire piece last month.

One thing that makes this post special for me is the fact that every time I read it, it gives me a new perspective about how I’m dealing with the information I’m taking in and what I can do better or different. I also have to admit that since my first read of Accelerando, I secretly aspired to be like Manfred Macx. Of course Spider Jerusalem is “the idol” but for me Manfred and especially his relationship with information was something to be admired. Yes, I know, it’s very problematic and probably tells a lot but I’m not gonna deny it…