I don’t know how people even get through the year without reading this marvel. Go to immediately.

…in celebration of aspects which are undocumented, obscured, lost, overlooked and ephemeral. Although this might sound an obscure perspective to take, their role in architectural history is no less important or intriguing. So often these jostle up side-by-side with modernism’s more familiar facets, but as a result of our deference to debates about style, star characters, iconic buildings, and in architecture’s anonymous collaboration, these other aspects disappear. If we can expand our field of vision to look for a moment at what these might be, we might consider what we have already lost, and what we also stand to lose.

NEURAL #63: Surveillance Surveyed

It’s not on their website yet for some reason, but issue 63 of the always excellent NEURAL arrived yesterday. As usual, a mix of fascinating features and interviews, and excellently curated review sections. Check your local specialist magazine stockist, perhaps. For me, NEURAL is one of those things absolutely guaranteed to surface a dozen wonderful things I’ve never heard of, time after time.

STATUS: 25jul19

Just to join the chorus of pale sweaty Brits, it’s already 32C here, and nothing is going to get done until the heat breaks. But the new issue of THE MODERNIST did arrive. Inbox 12 and seriously nothing is going to get done today don’t even hope.


It’s always a good day when a new mono.kultur arrives, but I am particularly delighted today to see that the new issue is an interview with and retrospective of the designer Iris van Herpen.

The pages are on a staggered cut on the lower right, so you can see a sliver of the next page on – the future leaks through. Very apt.

I grew up in a small, small village, and I didn’t have a television or a computer…

You can pick up a copy directly from them here.