Isles Of Blogging 15feb19

I’m trying to remember to list the blogs I read regularly, as new posts pop up, in order to be able to map my end of the scattered archipelago that is the Isles Of Blogging.

The term “Isles Of Blogging” comes from Nabil Maynard (, who most recently has been talking about social media diets.

Paul Graham Raven writes at Velcro City Tourist Board, and he’s got a new note up today about a piece at the LRB, himself noting that bailing out of Twitter ” continues, years afterwards, to ache and itch like a botched self-amputation.”

Sign of life from old lag Matt Jones at Magical Nihilism, currently a roaming Google director (recursive).

K at found these gorgeous imaginary-architecture drawings that are like Schuiten and Peeters doing Tokyo Gotham.

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