When You’re Furious With Your Own Brain

This amused the handful of writers I share a private Slack channel with. “I love it when Warren’s angry with himself.”

I moved some work around so I could take a couple of days just to think. I didn’t write a Cosmic Ordering list or anything, but I could have used a solid idea for a book, or some solutions on a job that’s fighting me a bit right now, or, you know, I’d like to write a spec screenplay soon, just for the hell of it… any of these things would have been good and useful products of a couple of days just kicking back and listening to music and thinking.

Instead, I have the guts of two new comics series, for which I have no artists, no time and no resources and also the built-in audience for one of them is about eight people.

So I’ve been walking around furious with my own brain for betraying me in such a malicious evil manner. And everyone’s having a good laugh. Go on. Laugh. Fuckers.

Never let your brain out unsupervised. It will always come back covered in mud to spit something entirely unwanted at your feet.