STATUS 8jul19

I like to buy locally when I can. Little Fin do very good coffee with very good delivery. I also like the story of their name:

Whilst we are based in a Seaside town, the main reason for this name is in fact our son Finley. Finley was just 8 weeks old when we set out on this caffeine fuelled adventure and is part of the reason it all happened. We thought it was only fair to give him a bit of credit in the name.

Today I am bringing an episode of unannounced thing PROJECT TRICORNER in for a landing, writing up a blurb for a comrade that I promised before I put a moratorium on blurb-writing for the year, waiting for LA to wake up, with inbox holding at 16, listening to the exquisite MOOD PAINTINGS by Poppy Nogood, and drinking more coffee.