Work, Jan 2020

I am writing HEAVEN’S FOREST for Netflix and producing season 3 of CASTLEVANIA for Netflix.  My offsite job on my friend’s show finished in the third week of December, just as my body was about to crumble from spending four to six hours in a car every day, and news on that will probably pop towards the middle of the year.

I have six issues of BATMAN’S GRAVE left to write – I learned mid-December that there’s gonna be a skip month after issue 6. THE BATMAN’S GRAVE 4 is out on Jan 15. I don’t think DC are completely aware they’re even publishing this book. So please do join us for more horrible extended beatings and more of Alfred being shitty.

Jason Howard has moved on from TREES to his own work, which I’ve been lucky enough to read and it’s really rather marvellous.  It’s big.  It was a joy to read the script and the art I’ve seen is just bursting with invention and energy.

TREES: THREE FATES 5 is out on Jan 8.  The final issue of TREES: THREE FATES. A small, miserable lie is about to get Klara killed. A huge, terrible lie is about to get everyone else killed. Sometimes we must forgive the dead. Sometimes the dead have to forgive us.

And here is a link to Jason explaining how this final cover came about.

I personally do not understand how Jason hasn’t won all the awards for his TREES covers.  At this link here, you can see them all.

INJECTION: Declan Shalvey, whose monograph from Marvel Comics is released soon – either Jan 8 or Jan 21, the internet cannot agree — is engaging with important new projects that will keep him away from INJECTION for a while longer, for he is a Large Important Boy in the comics game now and has no time for my whimsical yarns about haunted AI, but those projects so personally and professionally beneficient to him that all I could do is applaud and send best wishes. Jordie Bellaire now lives on a private island that is basically one giant shelf for all her awards while she writes new comics that are, frankly, better written than mine.

(also Declan’s new graphic novel as writer, BOG BODIES, is really strong, and they really have both left me in the dust)

You may divine from this that I have no further new comics work in the pipeline, and you would be right. I’m afraid that, after 25 years, all the good artists saw through my half-bright bullshit and don’t want to work with me, but luckily television has no idea and it’ll be 25 years before they realise hahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHcough