And that is how we do that. Home in a couple of hours.


Went downstairs in search of coffee and saw the last butterfly in New York City flying east crosstown. And who can blame it?

Yesterday, thanks to my cast and directors and our terrific envoy Candace from VIZ, was an amazing day, which was finished with whisky just after 1am.

Also I have to thank Marc Bernardin for his incredible kindness yesterday.

Time to do it all again. Underslept me, in a hotel apparently under complete reconstruction, getting ready to go.


Massively underslept, allergies kicked off overnight, so by the time anyone sees me today I will be a lobster coloured zombie. But it’s a beautiful day in New York City and, as ever, I am happy to be back.


Mostly packed, itinerary printed off (old habit from pre-smartphone days), checking the weather forecast every few hours, watching the sky.

Inbox Zero.

I actually started writing this over an hour ago. It’s a day.


Almost finished packing for New York, and scheduling meetings for the minute I get home. Already had a 15-minute-long dizzy spell today, so that 1) bodes well 2) reinforces the need to go dark. BUT! I got sent a new Tamsyn Muir book today, so, all good.

Been so busy today that I just realised I haven’t changed my calendat yet.

My calendar is a bunch of printed pages hanging from a wall hook by a foldback paperclip. I use the Large-Print Calendar – Portrait from Vertex42. It hangs next to the office whiteboard and gets marked up with whiteboard markers. Dead simple. I like simple.

Speaking of which, I only just found out you can hide your bin and spam folders in Gmail. (Settings> Labels.) Part of a theme lately: managing incoming, removing sources of stress and anxiety, finding full focus, choosing and controlling your environment and simply being with yourself and your mind and your vertigo and your fluctuating blood pressure and your half-packed bag.

Do I take my laptop or not? Hmmm.


The cover to LIVE CIRCLES by Orphax, which arrived today and is in the CD player right now.

I will bury this fucking script today if it kills me. Which it might. Every now and then you come up against a script that just doesn’t want to be written. Sometimes it’s just because the script is wrong. Sometimes it’s because you’re just not in the mood to do it and your mind wants to be elsewhere.

I have a music pass on a CASTLEVANIA episode, to review and do notes on, sitting in the queue. Also a sound effects pass, though I tend to leave those to Sam and Adam Deats. But I was the lead on talking to our fantastic composer, Trevor Morris, about the score from the start, so I like to stay abreast of how he’s advancing the musical palette on the show. And there’s a point mid-season where I got him to go full kosmische and I’m so happy.

So, the days are full from waking to sleeping, and I’m still packing for NYC, but the work is good. Apart from this script I have to murder. And there’s always something new.

Inbox: 6. Mood: just don’t, I am locked in mortal combat with a Batman script and it’s winning


I have finally shut Tweetdeck off. As I write this, I have the film ON THE SILVER GLOBE on the big screen, with the volume down, and an April Larson album playing over the top. There’s a certain kind of film that, with subtitles, seems to work for me as an ambient image radiator.

I find it a very peaceful way to be and work in the office (which is, after all, where I spend most of my time). Silent running, now.

Today, I need to land a script that’s been plaguing me, start the expansion of a tv project development doc, see if I can’t layer in some more on another idea that’s been floating in the ether for a year or so but may now have gotten some juice, and start batching and queueing the emails for Monday morning. The newsletter goes out at 230pm UK time. The auto-responder has been set to take over on Thursday when I fly into what is forecast to be a rainy JFK.

Inbox: 1 (hi, Colleen!)