I work with whiteboards a lot. Last year I picked up a pack of 10 A4 whiteboards for twenty quid. Today I’m finally getting around to wiping a couple of them down, and updating others, including the big main board. Transcribed a bunch of scribblings in a notebook into a text file, picking at a couple of other treatments, and thinking about how to structure the next few months. Inbox 20, here we go.


An old photo I just found: on the tick of New Year’s, Jan 1 2013, I walked across hot coals. Seemed like a good way to see out 2012.

Just wrapped out the first draft of a tv episode, and I can hear a large glass of red wine and a large antipasti board calling my name. For now, I’m marking up a production schedule sheet and my Pending board, rubbing some things off the big board, wondering what tomorrow will bring and daydreaming about a night of walking over fire.

Inbox 5, slowly accepting that I need to buy a new copy of ARK FOR THE LISTENER, queuing up a Carol Swain graphic novel to read later.


This is how we’re getting it done today. Inbox 13 and back to work.


This is for all the people who felt the need to @ me about the lack of a vegetable on my plate yesterday. The eggs contain the crisped chorizo and crushed red pepper flakes I made yesterday. Breakfast was a protein and oat smoothie with blueberries. Walked a mile after. Hey, I’m 52 next month and I have xmas bloat. Inbox 15. All is quiet.

STATUS: 3jan20

New year goals include smoking less and remembering to eat.

Inbox 10. Listening to SNOWBOUND by Stormloop with a cup of espresso. Halfway through Sunday’s newsletter. Feels like it’s going to be a quiet year. Good.