#blurb PLUME, Will Wiles

From an ARC (advance reading copy) in PDF that I had to hit with hammers and Calibre to fit it properly into my Kindle, which was a huge pain in the arse (publishers, why is it that some of you easily offer a .mobi and some of you act like I’m asking you to squeeze coal into diamonds?), but worth it because it was a new Will Wiles novel:

In PLUME, Will Wiles both re-invents and murders the London novel, in a spectacular act of evil, surgical intensity.

I will eventually be talking about it in the newsletter. In the meantime, it’s out on May 19th.

PLUME, Will Wiles (UK) (US)


Just wrote a blurb for Corey J White’s new book REPO VIRTUAL, which I finished reading the Advance Reading Copy of last night.

Cyberpunk’s critical update, for these mixed-reality days of dark money, livestreaming cults, machine gaze and life lived on the razorwire edge.

It’s not out until 2020, I think and it’s not available for pre-order yet, but here’s Tor’s page about it.

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