This is a film that’s getting some rewatches lately. There’s a write-up on Arts Of Slow Cinema:

The visual could indeed only be a photograph and you would still get a sense of the film. Like a photo album with sound. I read on Wikipedia that someone called the film an “ambient movie”. I never thought about calling films ambient. I always connect the term to sound, but now I see the point. It is, if I briefly consider the slow films I’m aware of, a fitting term for Slow Cinema as a whole.

In that it’s a highly photographic film of short films, it can be filed near 24 FRAMES. Don’t let the slowness fool you, though. The second piece is funny. The third piece is eerily heartbreaking. The fourth, banal and then weird. And so on.

The director, Benedek Fliegauf, also made the excellent DEALER.