Blog Diet: A Starter List For Your RSS Reader

People keep asking me where I find stuff, or where to start with an RSS reader.

I exported my subscruptions, and damn, there are a LOT of dead blogs out there. Here is a selection of blogs from the list of ones I think are still active. Like I say, it’s just a bit of my active subscriptions list, but maybe you’ll find something you want to follow.

All Tumblr pages spit out an RSS feed – just stick /rss on the end of the URL. Turns out you can maybe pull Instagram feeds into RSS, so that’s my next job, after I sort and cull my podcasts list.

My internet is substantially quieter than yours, and teaches me new things every day.

3 responses to “Blog Diet: A Starter List For Your RSS Reader”

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    […] Warren Ellis’ Starter List. […]

  3. Anna Malina says:

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