TREES: THREE FATES #3 is in: this is the end-of-chapter bumper, which Steven Finch/Fonografix sent overnight. He really does an amazing job.

I lost a bunch of yesterday to reviewing materials on a friend’s tv project, which I have to do again a bunch more times this week in order to pull together a coherent set of thoughts. Lucky I always have notebooks to spare. Always have notebooks to spare – I wrote an entire book of columns in super-cheap notebooks from the corner shop one time, it doesn’t have to be a fancy Moleskine.

I am frankly barely alive – my body is fighting me for the right to die – but there’s going to be another pass on the press release announcement for PROJECT KATRA today (tv things are complex on all levels, I’ve found), I need to fix the shape of BATMAN’S GRAVE 6, I have to work on at least one of the development documents on deck, fuck me it’s halfway through the month and I must make some more ground up on a tv script, and I need to clear the back room of the house. Here we go.

Inbox: 12. Listening: FOUR, Richard Skelton. Espresso: 5 and counting