Fuck You, Blog

So, my WordPress install grinds exceedingly slow. Jetpack breaks every time I update the plug-in, to the point where I’ve had to go into FTP and basically scoop all its shit out by hand. Because when it breaks, it takes out the entire site, including WordPress admin. So now, whenever it tells me it has an update, I have to deactivate and delete Jetpack, and then re-install it clean. Which has also stopped working, because it now turns off social sharing even after I turn it on. And since my theme updated, the WordPress blog posting page believes I want the headline to be in block caps, and won’t show me lower case letters when I type them.

Do you remember when this shit was supposed to be simple?

There are no fixes for any of this stuff. What I’m going to have to do is look for a new theme I like, install it, remove all traces of the old one and see if it a) fixes the previous issues 2) creates exciting new ones.

The one thing it won’t fix is the WordPress grinding slowly, as that’s what the current iterations of WordPress just seem to do. LTD has had a slow backend since I started it.

So, reader, if you see this site cough and choke and convulse a bit over the next few days, that’s why. Luckily, you’re the only reader.

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