Jeck Yoshihide Tetreault

This year, I am rebuilding my Philip Jeck collection; which was never complete, but somehow over the last few years I lost most of what I had on CD. I know I still have AN ARK FOR THE LISTENER and SOAKED in the house, and Jeck’s THE SINKING OF THE TITANIC.

I didn’t fully “get” Philip Jeck until I heard him perform at the evening portion of a hauntology seminar – the same evening I heard Kode9 and the late Spaceape perform. The performance was in a large chapel space, and instead of sitting in the main room, I sat in a wooden pew on my own in the open hallway about twelve feet away, and closed my eyes. He haunted the room. It was one of the phenomenal sonic experiences of my life, and it revealed to me the true power and import of his work. I’ve seen him live a few times since, with similar effect, and my office is haunted by recordings of him and his collaborators on a regular basis. I’m not particularly of a completist collector mentality, but it is time to store whatever I can find of his work.

Of course, now I write that, can I find my copy of AN ARK FOR THE LISTENER anywhere? I cannot.