Library 3may19

See anything you like?

This is me starting to log for myself a thing I’ve found myself doing. Which started when I began to discover that things I wanted to see were not on streaming, or had been taken off streaming, and were getting harder and less reliable to purchase digitally. At which point, I figured that relying on digital services for these things was becoming really pretty stupid.

So I’m rebuilding a physical library. Trying to gather my old DVDs from wherever in the house they got scattered to, and buying new ones. These are just a few recent arrivals and rescues. MY WRONGS, at the bottom, I bought on release from Warp. A few of these are replacing old VHS copies I never previously got around to upgrading, like, obviously, the Quatermass pieces. I only have TURIN HORSE on digital, so this is my backup for that. Ben Rivers put TWO YEARS AT SEA up on YouTube at 360p, but, like I said…

Had to track down ARTEMIS 81 on Ebay. Still bothered by how the BBC somehow didn’t notice there is not actually an apostrophe in the title.

Anyway. This is a thing I do now instead of social media and the internet. It gives me pleasure and it’s making me learn.

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