QUOTES: Premourning

On French speculative writing in the 1920s:

In a 2009 book called Future Tense, the Canadian historian Roxanne Panchasi describes a curious feeling pervading writing on the future in France from around this time. She calls it “premourning.”

…there persisted, she claims, “a nostalgic longing for French values and cultural phenomena that had not yet disappeared.”

From The Music of the Future by Robert Barry (UK) (US)

From that same book, more evidence for my thesis that James Bridle is a human superposition:

I had come to see a performance by the Tennessee-born artist Holly Herndon. She was billed as part of a digital arts festival called Némo. I had been intrigued by Herndon ever since her name came up in a Skype conversation I had with the artist and writer James Bridle earlier that same year.