STATUS 22sep19

No idea where this came from, I just found it in the office.

This week has been a heavy thinking week, and on those weeks everything gets subsumed into the thinking, including writing anything here. I just forget about everything that isn’t the thing in my head I need to solve.

Inbox: 14. Listening: THE SERPENT’S GIFT, Temple Ov Saturn.

I need to be working on a script today, but Venkatesh Rao, as is his wont, put this terrible Twitter thread in my head, the tl;dr of is:

In general blogs are way overdue for reinvention.

That’s going to bug me for days and weeks, I just know it is.

Not least because WordPress Special Circumstances helped me out on the basis that I “do interesting things” on WordPress, and I don’t feel like I ever justified that opinion.

More things to think about. Just what I needed.

STATUS: still alive. The Indian Summer here seems to have ended. There was a chill on the breeze yesterday, and winter’s coat mantled the shade. Today there is a misty Nordic rain making the trees whisper. Autumn is here.