Where To Find Me On The Internet, Late 2019 Edition

My newsletter goes out every Sunday unless it’s on short hiatus for some reason, and you can subscribe to it at orbitaloperations.com . I’ve been newslettering in some form or other since the 1990s, and, on the current iteration, some 22.5K people suffer the consequences.

This site, where I live, sends out updates to @warrenellis at Twitter and, in some cases, @warrenellis at Instagram, both of which occasionally get other things thrown at them.

If you see who I follow on IG, you can find members of the cast and crew of the CASTLEVANIA show, which I write and exec-produce, and my network Netflix, as well as my current comics publishers, DC Comics and Image Comics.

This site syndicates out to Tumblr and an Official Facebook Page, neither of which I use. And, of course, if you’re a proper hermit, this site expresses an RSS feed.

I think the only other thing that increments is my Bandcamp collection page. And, yes, I have bought more than 1100 pieces of work through Bandcamp. I have a problem. (Yes, just the one. Shut up.)

I have pretty much retired from the internet. Bumped into William Gibson the other month – hadn’t seen him for fourteen years or so, and he commented that one of the great pleasures of Old Twitter was that it nevertheless felt like we were speaking every day. Things changed. I retired from the field.

I no longer give talks, keynotes, lectures, whatever you want to call them. I’ve bailed out of the whole futurism/tech/haunted circuit. I only go to conventions and festivals when compelled to by the power of Contractual Obligations — so occasionally I will be witnessed at a distance, like a flabby woodland ghost, when required to manifest for a tv show or a book.

And now I have a FAQ to link to. Thanks for indulging me, reader.