The Schedule (May 2019)

TREES issues 15 to 19 are written, constituting Volume 3, and Jason Howard is drawing issue 19 right now. It goes on the publication schedule towards the end of the year, I believe.

The current plan on INJECTION is that I start writing Volume 4 in earnest this summer (it’s currently a pile of notes) ready for Declan’s schedule to open up in late summer.

I’m in the middle of writing Season 2 of FINALITY, and Colleen’s roughing out the first three episodes as I type this.

I have some 18 scripts left to complete for DC – THE WILD STORM is all written, as prev noted — and all of them are on unannounced projects.

That is all the active comics work I have on deck right now, having run out of artists who will tolerate my eccentric low-selling bullshit.

I’m working on CASTLEVANIA all this month, in tandem with outline documents for two other tv projects. I cannot say more about CASTLEVANIA, because our Terrifying Masters at Netflix control all information flow and we get picked off by snipers if we talk.

If I haven’t mentioned something you’re interested in, it’s because I’m not allowed to or there’s no new information.