House clearing day. Found this in a box. The lack of apostrophe probably offended me.

Figuring Shit Out

A big part of retiring from the world, and, additionally, taking a long winter hiatus to go Full Hermit, is that the job gets bigger and more complex and I need more time to, basically, stare into the distance and Figure Shit Out. The figuring out of the shit is a big part of this writer’s work. Always be ready to turn everything off and let your mind wander into the future.

It does, of course, look to everyone else like you’re not doing a damn thing. And, often, you don’t have anything to physically present for the hours you’ve burned staring at the wall or whatever.

It’s stressy, having to turn all the pieces of your career and vocation around in time and space and plot out as many of the paths forward in as many versions as your mind can carry. I am essentially just stress.

But. I’ve tried a lot of iterations on “being a writer” over the years, and, really, just being a writer and creator of things is the only thing that gives me pleasure. It’s all I like, it’s all I trust, and it never lies to me. So it’s all I’m going to do.

Find what gives you pleasure. Just do that. Turn everything else off. Live with the stress. Learn to love figuring the shit out.


I’ve been following the WE GATHERED AT WAKEROBIN HOLLOW project by Mending for a while — I’m holding out for a massive CD set of the whole damn thing at the end. The final chapter releases in December, but they’ve let one track from it out today, and it’s gorgeous:

Go and discover the whole marvellous thing at https://mendingband.bandcamp.com/ .

Lost And Found: BERG Garment Of Office

House clearing day. Just discovered at the bottom of a box: my old BERG white lab coat. I think only William Gibson has the other white coat from BERG?

Cheers, lads. The next beer is raised to you and those strange lovely times.

Amazon Video Marketing Team Still High As Balls

So remember when I got a small box of Amazon Video screener DVDs and said “well done for not sending me a fucking hatbox with a MRS MAISEL DVD in it like last year?”

I spoke too soon. Absolute madness. It contains casino chips, coasters and a photo album containing the DVDs. I have to give the team credit for going all out and being completely surprising.

JAMES BOND 007: The Complete Warren Ellis Omnibus

My two JAMES BOND graphic novels with the brilliant artist Jason Masters, VARGR and EIDOLON, are being republished in a single volume by Dynamite Comics in partnership with the Ian Fleming Estate. Feb 2020,

Ellis shared, “It was my honour to become the first Official Continuation graphic novelist for the Ian Fleming Estate, and my pleasure to see my wonderful partners at Dynamite Comics collect Jason Masters’ world-class work in this new edition.”

Full details in the press release.

Jason is, of course, currently killing it on CAPTAIN AMERICA with Ta-Nehisi Coates. Covers and credits are outside my control, and often, as in this instance, outside my awareness, but I assume the above is a simple mock-up to be corrected later.


Freezing fog. Three sets of notes arranged on the big screen while I rewrite a script on the laptop screen. I’m sure that many things are happening out in the world today, but I am generally ignoring them. Hilyard on the CD drive.

Managed to see my old mate (Sir!) Lenny Henry for coffee yesterday afternoon, which was an unexpected and delightful surprise. Even though I nearly killed him by telling him my daughter is 24 now. It should also be noted that Len appears to have largely stopped ageing, and I look 102 years old now.


Took this before I got in the car to the production site – first proper frost of the year.