RSS Bridge For Instagram: Hermitage Intensifies

In talking yesterday about pulling RSS out of Instagram, I got a very kind note from one Peter Hogg telling me about RSS Bridge. This is an indieweb system designed to make RSS feeds where none exist, like the old Feedburner only with much more juice to it.

Just google RSS Bridge, as I did, and you will find both instructions to set up your own system, which to me are written in an alien language, and a few nice people who give free public access to an RSS Bridge instance.

When you scroll down those sites, you find a specific slot to put an Instagram user name in, and, provided that account is public, it’ll spit out a working RSS feed for it that you can add to your RSS reader (I use Feedbin).

It worked first time.

What this means for me is that I can add my favourite Instagram accounts to Feedbin and no longer have to open the app or Grids just to see the new Lordess Foudre. I feel like I’ve recovered something from the 2019 internet.

I am very grateful to all these people for helping me the quiet shadow internet I now wish and require. No noise, no stress, just a silent river of the good and necessary things.