Been an admired of The Wyrding Module since THE WORD MADE FLESH, which is a regular replay out here on the Thames Delta. So when a new record popped up the other day, it was an immediate purchase. I mean, I didn’t need to hear it. I wanted a Wyrding Module piece in my library. And it doesn’t disappoint. A kosmische halloween trance.

Go straight to track 7 and drink it down, if you’re not familiar with the Module.

Remote Work Bag, Nov/Dec 2019

Yes, everything has gone horribly wrong in my life, and for the first time in thirty years I have a day job. Two days a week as a consultant on a thing that has a hefty NDA.

It’s a gear post. And a work in progress.

My newish X1 Carbon Thinkpad doesn’t fit in my usual go-bag, the Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack. I am very annoyed about this. (The X1 Carbon is replacing a Dell XPS 13 that was wonderfully small and slim and fit in the back sleeve of the Versipack perfectly but had an average keyboard and lousy wifi.)

SO I’m having to bust out the most ludricrously named piece of luggage I own. The Maxpedition Aggressor Attache.

I swear to god I used to have a laptop bag. Maybe my kid filched it like she filched my FREAKANGELS-branded canvas field bags.

Anyway, the bag is, as you can see, a little more beastly than is really required. But I’ve had it for seven and a half years and it’s still as good as new. It just has an insane name.

Three of the most recent Field Notes subscription editions. SanDisk Extreme CZ80 64GB flash drive. Victorinox Forester knife in black. Pilot Frixion pen, Sharpie marker, Pigma Micron Pen 03 in 0.35mm. And an EE wifi hotspot device. Just in case.

Beard oil from Salix Moon. Unpictured, a Tom Ford deodorant stick because I think I left it in the other bag. I don’t want to stink evertyone else out of the room, after all. A Maxpedition small wallet, a small Anker battery, a Kindle Paperwhite, a large Anker battery, and a protein shaker. I use Vivo powders, which is only available in the UK. If you too are in the UK, I recommend the raw cacao protein and BCAA powder, and the blueberry & lucuma multinutrient superfood powder. Also unpictured, a water bottle, because I’m going to be spending a lot of time in the backs of cars.

I have The Fear — of early-for-me mornings and of missing the one tool I need that will be more than two hours’ drive away.

All set. I think. I hope.

STATUS: 1nov19

mornings are bullshit and i do not want them

i realise it’s not morning RIGHT NOW but it was when i took that

inbox: who the fuck knows


Screener season has officially begun. This is when WGA members get sent DVDs for the forthcoming awards cycle, which I have no idea how to vote in. Most of them won’t play on my DVD drive. It’s like receiving a long stream of custom coasters.

But they do send script books, too, and those are marvellous.

I am silently screening a beautifully bleak-looking old Ukrainian film called THE STONE CROSS with PAGAN OCEANS by Tsone playing over the top – I was going to cull and refix the Twitter lists I run on Tweetdeck on the big screen for news and stuff, but fuck it.

Am now into the writer-nerdery of picking the notebooks for a possible consulting gig. Maybe I should have gone full Midori Traveller like Julian Simpson.

My New TV Show HEAVEN’S FOREST Announced

This is the project previously codenamed PROJECT KATRA here and in the newsletter. DEADLINE has the full piece.

I can’t get into details right now, because I can’t jump the PR process, but I think I can say that Adi Shankar came with Kevin Kolde to me to ask me to create the kind of treatment of the material that Adi and his friends all wanted to see as teenagers in India. Netflix International and Netflix India came on board to get it done. I’ve been working with an Indian consultant who specialises in the underlying material. And it will obviously be made with an Indian cast. Now I have to run before the Netflix snipers get me (THEY’RE REAL) (WE’RE NOT JOKING ABOUT THOSE)

STATUS: 29oct19

Just finished an important script, so it may be time for a little drinkie.

(Kidding. I’ll just go into the next script in the queue.)

(Somebody save me from myself)


A little over three quarters of the way to a first draft of PROJECT KATRA 101. Totally failed to get a note down here four times today, Most of my body is knots right now. Haven’t seen anyone in, um, a few days.

I think I have to link to STREET SHEETS here before I forget. Check out the gorgeous notebooks.

Library: Claire M Singer

Claire M Singer works with organ, cello and electronics to create soundscapes of great wonder and majesty. If you like Zoe Keating or Johann Johannsson this is right up your street, while being entirely its own thing. A favourite recent discovery.

Basically my soundtrack for today’s work.